Friday, December 21, 2012

She is twelve and as clever as she can be.  Notice what she typed out.  So sweet.   I did her hair and she was so fun to talk to about anything.

This girl knows how to wrap him around her finger.  He knows he is a sucker for her.

In this one too.  He has really great eyes as you can see and she got them too.

I wouldn't want to mess with her here or anywhere.  She and I had a talk about doing this together one day.  I love an inspired kid.

They put on a huge show doing a news show.  One did the news and the others did sports and weather.  A running update was included as you can see and I thought she was adorable.  Her Mom is a really faithful runner and I think that's neat.  It's inspiring to see someone commit to something like that and then stay at it.

This video is the funniest.  She is talking about this flock of birds near her house and the huge mess they make.  I was very entertained.


The new page is now under construction and much was accomplished this week. Thanks for following along everyone.