Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Brooke's Buddies

Click the following to enlarge if needed when they load in:

Sweet friends and a great city.

These two are just trouble.  My girl and her buddy.

Such pretty girls and I can't wait to be back there for work.  Brooke wants to see the museum next time.  Definitely.

All of the kids had matching props and played in the rain.  

I love the details in this landmark.  I'm going to detail this more when I'm back there.

Look closely at what she's holding.  She adores that technology.  (purple)

Twelve and as smart as can be.  She gets it very honestly.  Clever and creative flows through her genes for several generations.  I love her grin here.

This one is a favorite.  Someone needs to find a lock for these two when they are teenagers. I have the best video of her that I'll show later.

These two have identical eyes no question.  His girl.

I'm almost confirmed for a wedding at this location in the Spring of 2013.  The President of this company's niece and her handsome guy will stand here to be married and then the reception will follow at the mansion below.

Can this young lady be any prettier?  She loves makeup and hair.

This girl knows how to have fun and she and I laughed so hard while she did this. Her smile is contagious.  Look at Brooke looking at them.  :)

I learned lots of secrets shooting these few photos.  You never know what they'll say and about what or who. I told her just before I clicked that her secrets are safe with me and then she cracked up.  I'm still not sure what she thought was so funny but I love her face here.

She's very talented.  She will do well if she keeps at it through the years.  I'll help her any way I can.

The next ten photos are just all of them having fun with each other.

More soon.


The new page is now under construction and much was accomplished this week. Thanks for following along everyone.